logo Local Mist Dutch Design Week Eindhoven,
Saturday 20 October — Sunday 28 October 2018

There is an infinite amount of data in our everyday lives. It’s comparable with oxygen: invisible, necessary and yet most of the time we are unaware of it. These days the dependence on data is unimaginably huge. To get a grasp of unorganized data and the world we live in, we need to make it visible and tangible.

The visitors of Dutch Design Week 2018 will experience firsthand how a photo can be abstracted to a large amount of personal data. How will this information be used? What does it mean for your privacy?

Our Coordinates 51°26'51.7"N 5°27"E
Jarne Cooijmans / Eugené Janssen / Jakob Povel / Wesley Hartogs / Rosa Raaphorst / Bo Conrads / Peter Hoens / Brenda Renssen / Marja Bernts / Sofie Deen
Communication and Multimedia Design 's-Hertogenbosch/Gemeente Breda/Brabant Living Lab